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  • danah boyd

    danah boyd

    researcher of technology & society | Microsoft Research, Data & Society, NYU | zephoria@zephoria.org

  • Zianna Weston

    Zianna Weston

    Follow for pop culture news, movie reviews, true crime, podcast recommendations, and whatever strikes my fancy!

  • Bug of The Galaxy

    Bug of The Galaxy

    She/Her . Freelancer Writer . Comedy . Books . Nerdy individual who “learns” love through my grandmother’s incestuous relationship

  • Andy Dawson

    Andy Dawson

    Sister Sledge fan.

  • AndrewEdwardScott


    Middlesbrough, UK, Earth, Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

  • Sam Whyte

    Sam Whyte

    Stand up Evertonian. Cheap and strong. Reason women aren't funny. Pith prop that wants a pint. Been ill. On mend. Shite at DMs.

  • Codecademy


    The easiest way to learn to code.

  • Rhymer Rigby

    Rhymer Rigby

    Journalist. Telegraph, FT, etc. Also write books and other stuff. One wife. Two daughters. One cat.

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