A northern man

Maybe not the Strangelove de nos jours, but still …

Image source: https://collider.com/dont-look-up-trailer-leo-dicaprio-timothee-chalamet/

I sat down yesterday and watched Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay’s movie about what happens when a couple of astronomers in Michigan find something not altogether good in the sky.

NOTE: SPOILERS. If you don’t want to know, skip to the “So What?” part.

So, What Happens?

Kate Dibiasky is a doctoral student…

Fear and Loathing in Durham City

South College Durham (personal photo May 2021)

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this in a personal capacity as an alumnus of the University

On 3 December South College held its pre-Christmas formal. Nothing unusual or untoward there, you may think: an occasion for ruminating on a first term back in Durham, with a semblance of normal student life…

… it’s not about mushy peas

NO. IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT THESE ARE CALLED EITHER (Source: Christopher Jones/Alamy via BBC)

I picked up Tom Hazeldine’s book on a whim while browsing in Waterstones in Newcastle, a city which crops up a fair amount on the course of his discussions about the fractious and complex relationship between the UK’s regions. Let’s be clear from the outset, it’s not exactly a light…

Darren Stephens

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